Private Pilot Licence Groundschool Courses

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Private Pilot Study Centre is a CAA approved training organisation (ATO) operating from modern classrooms a few miles south of Duxford aerodrome in rural Hertfordshire.

What our students say about us:

The emphasis on understanding why, as well as learning why, makes a positive change from the teaching I have received in aviation so far.
Ash helps students understand what we need to know, with an emphasis on safety.

- John Roberts

Really really enjoyable, even though it is hard work.
Anecdotes make learning much easier than purely factual information.

- Ben Markey

A thoroughly enjoyable course, great atmosphere, I learned an awful lot, highly recommended!

- Keith Neil

Very well presented and tailored to my needs.
Very friendly and relaxed, but focused instruction, excellent accommodation

- Michael Goddard

Hard work, but the very best way to train for the exams, excellent tuition and administrative support

- Jimmy James

Great experience, relaxed and interesting teaching technique

- Tim Sumner

Hi Ash, just wanted to say thank you for having me on the course.
I really enjoyed it, its really opened up aviation to me and how much depth you can go into subjects with understanding.

- James Hughes

Great focused tuition, well prepared classes, delivered with enthusiasm, gave confidence to students, would recommend to all.

- Andrew Jeffreys

Great experience, absolutely excellent. Ash is a great teacher.
The course was worth every penny.

- Charlie Drewitt

Many thanks for a really useful, exciting, stimulating and highly educational set of ground-school courses over the last few weeks.
Although intense, it was the right thing at the time for me. I am (of course) delighted with the results.
Kim, thank you for providing me with those superb salads and other gluten free food

- Keith Waldron

Professionally taught and fun learning environment, and good value for money.
I've left with a very good understanding of the subjects in this module.

- Steve Scotton

Very worthwhile, very intensive, and hard work, but had the support and help to pass the exams.
Thank you for all your help!

- David Gavan

Intense, passionate and committed to the success of the student.
Ash is patient and willing to explain grass roots theory to even the most challenging of subjects.
A real brain workout and lots of fun. Many thanks.

- Joseph Bodner

Ash taught me the things books can't.
Fantastic course.

- Rob Brice

Excellent course, much easier than home studying, thank you.

- Greg Noble

I really enjoyed Ash's style of teaching, not dry, plenty of real world examples.

- Tim Vaines

All courses I have taken with pplgroundschool have been excellent and good value for money, with first time exam passes.
Difficult subjects have been made far easier to understand and relate to practical flying, rather than just passing exams.
I believe the courses that I have attended will make me a better pilot

- Ian Grainger

Courses start from:
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Contact Kim Noakes or Ash Holding on:
  01279 777727
  07748 514646
(for course availability)